Hacker Cabin is a group of serious makers who share goals, progress and solve problems together for 1 hour per week on Discord.

How it works

Groups get together once a week for 1 hour on Discord. You can select which day and time works best for you, and groups will be put together on that basis. The day and time will be chosen on what works best for the majority of the group. It’s totally fine if you need to skip a week, life happens. We ask everyone to commit to joining at least two per month.

Why we come together

Groups will be kept quite small with a good mixture of expertise. When the group meets you will have the opportunity to get valuable support, help or feedback. Good examples of things you could discuss include the following..

What do you need help with right now?

What is something that you tried this week and how did it go?

What were your wins this week?

What did you struggle with this week?

What would you like to achieve next week?

The sole purpose is to create a trusted peer support group of smart people who can really help each other.

From our members

“A brilliant community to be part of, you really feel like you are part of something!”


Lydia Melvin

Indie VA

“Big fan of any effort to get people to share their journey and empower each other. Love to see Hacker Cabin come together.”


Arvid Kahl

The Bootstrapped Founder

“Simon, the founder, goes above and beyond to keep this community a healthy, helpful, and fun place.”


Dusan P

Software Engineer